Mike Smith - VP Customer Experience & Technology Division, Business Critical Systems, HP

"We were very impressed with Stage 4 Solutions' ability to analyze a complex business situation and clarify for us the market landscape, customer needs, our internal capabilities and define HP's path to success. We would highly recommend their strategy services to other high tech companies."

David Dorosin, Director of Marketing, Nokia Enterprise Solutions

"Stage 4 Solutions provided a great combination of strategic thinking, industry experience and energy that helped us quickly deliver a major strategy project. They were a pleasure to work with, independently driving the creation of a new market model and working collaboratively with us to keep the overall project on track."

Tracy Adduci-Laird, Director, Product Management, Symantec Global Services

"Stage 4 Solutions delivers a very unique combination of experience and capabilities that have real impact. I can rely on them to thoroughly map out plans and execute flawlessly. I consider them an extension of our team."

Mozafar Hajian - Program Director, Customer Information Management, SAP Global Marketing

"Niti played an important role in the successful creation of SAP's marketing materials. She built upon her business and market savvy to clearly articulate the enhanced business processes enabled by SAP's solutions and the bottom line benefits realized by our customers."

Gleb Budman, Senior Director, Product Management, SonicWall

"Stage 4 Solutions analyzed our competitive advantages and translated them into meaningful and effective tools for our sales team and partners. They were thorough and effective in their approach and delivery."

Justin Schuster, Director, Product Marketing, Symantec Global Services

"The Stage 4 Solutions team was able to quickly make an impact on a variety of marketing efforts. They were able to execute to detailed project plans while keeping all stakeholders engaged. We look forward to working with them again."

Mark Holman, Chief Operating Officer, Arena Solutions

"Stage 4 Solutions quickly ramped up on our solution and market space and rapidly created marketing tools to support sales efforts in targeted vertical segments. We would hire them again to drive product marketing efforts."

Douglas Goodyear - CEO, Nuelight

"Niti Agrawal's strategic insight and detailed management of execution were invaluable to take our company to the next stage in its evolution."

Larry Jones, VP Product Marketing, Panasas

"Stage 4 Solutions played a critical role in our major new product's introduction. Their expertise in strategic planning and ability to implement flawlessly enabled us to meet our aggressive launch goals with all the required marketing and sales tools."

Radhika Shah, VP Products, VirtualSynaptics

"We needed to rapidly pinpoint additional potential markets and solution areas for our technology. Stage 4 Solutions spearheaded the required research and analysis, established customer conversations, and were very instrumental in helping us develop our product strategy. We are very impressed both with the quality of their work and the speed of execution and have had an excellent experience working with them."

Ashwin Sridhar - VP Marketing, Javelin Tools

"Stage 4 Solutions rapidly created market traction for our product. By focusing on product positioning, market segments, and executive messages, they generated demand with market leading companies in our target verticals."

Shanti Dev - President, VhaYu

"Stage 4 Solutions created our sales tools strategy in alignment with our sales process, target market, and target audiences. They created effective sales collateral for a new product introduction."

Pamela Kudlick - BCS Channels Manager, Hewlett-Packard

"Stage 4 Solutions was able to quickly learn our products and positioning in order to prepare our division for a North American Partner Conference. With their expertise and project management skills, Stage 4 Solutions created clear messages for our channel partners and prepared executive presentations and briefings."

Pam Gordon - CEO, Technology Forecasters

"Stage 4 Solutions provides leading edge market research for the members of our quarterly forum for electronics manufacturing outsourcing and supply chain. Their knowledge of the high technology industry's supply chain challenges, trends and software solutions is instrumental in developing strategies and providing insights."