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3/9/17: Return on Marketing Investment Using a Data Science Approach

Speaker Grover Righter, Chief Scientist at Lever10 Inc discussed several real-world case studies of marketing science, and B2B program metrics.

2/9/17: Content Marketing Supply Chain

Speaker Speaker Kathleen Schaub, Vice President, IDC CMO Advisory and Customer Experience Practice spoke about the Content Marketing Supply Chain framework, along with her suggestions for how companies can change their approach to master this critical competency.

1/12/17: Map Value Creation for Greater Customer Relationship Intelligence

Speaker Linda Sharp, CEO of Religence explained how to quantify relationships and map value creation to take the next operational step beyond customer journey maps and CES.

9/8/16: Transforming Your Website with the Right Content: Web Content Strategy Best Practices

Speaker Phyllis Davidson of Sirius Decisions shared a presentation on how to transform your B2B Website into a modern, audience-centric, content-fueled home base for your company’s digital presence.

7/13/16: NorCal BMA Summer Mixer

The Cielo Rooftop Bar inside the Hotel Valencia provided the perfect backdrop for relaxing, meeting new connections, and re-connecting with old friends and colleagues

6/9/16: Customer Experience Marketing

Lisa Nakano discussed, how in a b-to-b world where it sometimes seems that most offerings can be duplicated by competitors overnight, best-in-class customer experience remains a key differentiator

5/12/16: Marketing Disruptions with Internet of Things

We heard about about the industries impacted by IoT and where the new opportunities are as IoT combines with AI in Ad:Tech, Technology, Retail and many more industries.

4/14/16: Agile Marketing and Next-Generation Go-To-Market Methods

Our panel of speakers helped us explore what this Agile transformation means and what today’s business marketers need to do to capitalize on these opportunities.

3/10/16: Fishing With Spears: All About Account-based Marketing

Our speaker, Jon Miller, CEO and co-founder – Engagio and former co-founder of Marketo, showed us how to strategize account based marketing, and orchestrate account plans to drive results for our organizations.

2/11/16: The Ten Secrets to Delivering B2B Digital Marketing Success

Our speaker, Dick Reed - CEO, Just Media, Inc., showed us what his organization has learned over the last year running integrated B2B programs for over 50 different B2B clients.

1/14/16: Data Insights For Marketers

Our speaker, Theresa Kushner, Vice President, Enterprise Information Management - VMWare, showed us how marketers can extract insights from data and put that data into action.

11/12/15: Evolution of the Virtual Sales Rep

Our speaker, Kathleen Schaub, Vice President, CMO Advisory Service, IDC, showed us how the modern day CMO and CIO can drive success in the fast changing sales model today.

10/15/15: Moments That Matter: Channeling Revenue in a Social World

Our speaker, Meagen Eisenberg, CMO - MongoDB, provided thought provoking discussion on new ways of channeling revenue in a social world.

9/24/15: Leading A Digital Transformation: 5 Keys to Help Your Partners Succeed

Our speaker, Meaghan Sullivan - Vice President, Global SME & Partner Marketing SAP, shared her front line experiences working with IT channel partners and distributors to increase business with digital marketing programs and initiatives.

6/24/15: Return on Marketing Investment Using a Data Science Approach

Our speaker, Grover Righter, Chief Scientist at Lever10, dissected 4 real-world case studies of marketing science and B2B program metrics, providing results based on customers using Eloqua, Marketo and Pardot (all with CRM).

5/20/15: The Art and Science of Sharing

Our speaker, Bryan Kramer, President & CEO of PureMatter, showed us how technologies like the Internet, video, social media and mobile have increased the ease of communication so much that we need to rethink how the sharing of ideas influences and affects people on a global scale.

4/22/15: What the Membership Economy Means for B2B Marketing

Our speaker, Robbie Kellman Baxter, Founder of Peninsula Strategies, explained why it takes more than a website to stay competitive.

3/25/15: Being Heard: How B2B Marketers Can Get Above the Noise in the Marketplace

Our speaker Linda J. Popky - Founder and President of Leverage2Market Associates - shared strategies to get the attention of customers and prospects to effectively build business.

2/25/15: Influence & Impact: Getting Your Innovative Ideas Noticed!

Our speaker Sue Bethanis - CEO of Mariposa - showed us how we can make sure our key partners recognize the value of, and pay attention to, our great ideas.

1/28/15: How Stories Can Boost Your Content Marketing Successs

Our panel of Nancy Duarte, Lori Feld, and Clay Hausmann with Laura Ramos discussed what it takes to make your B2B content more compelling using something we all know and love: a good story.

11/19/14: Social Buying: The Importance of Trusted Networks in the B2B Purchase Process

Kathleen Schaub, Vice President, DC CMO Advisory Service shared her surprising research and insights on Social Media and Buying