Building Your ABM Marketing-to-Sales Playbook Using 'Meeting Maker' Campaigns

Come join us for an exciting presentation by Laurie B. Beasley, President, Beasley Direct and Online Marketing to learn more about dimensional tactics to further your ABM plans.

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Driving the Customer Journey With Influencer Marketing

SAP Ariba and SAP partner with a network of influencers and micro-influencers to connect with customers and prospects throughout the customer journey. Discover how SAP is driving real B2B ROI and brand awareness with influencer marketing. In this session, we'll get past the hype and walk through practical lessons, from where to begin, to creating a strategic approach and driving demand gen and leads that convert.

Crossing the Chasm between Marketing and Sales

When marketing builds a strategy that captures customer value, sales enablement can build a complementary deployment and adoption strategy that will most effectively amplify the marketing plan. Hang Black and Tobias Yergin have successfully partnered at two markets to build a go-to-market plan with Chasm philosophy and seamlessly hand-off to sales for adoption.

Experiential Marketing + Earned Media as Drivers of Brand/Sales

Have you ever wondered how Apple or Tesla started on the idea of centralization of their offering - Hardware, Software and other Technology - while truly disrupting a category? This session will detail how a start-up in Silicon Valley is disrupting a 30-year old industry while also creating a new category of inspiration, purely through owned and earned media channels.