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2/22/12: Protecting Your Name and Brand Online: Lessons from a Cross Vertical Naming and Branding Leader
Speaker: Laurel Sutton, Co-Founder, Catchword Branding

When you look at the common denominator among successful businesses, be them local, small businesses or large, multinational corporations, one thing is certain; each actively maintain, promote, and protect their strong brand name. The task is no simple act, considering the countless channels, both online and offline, in which a brand has visibility. On Wednesday, 2/22/12, Laurel Sutton shared with us some brand management "Do's and Don'ts." 

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1/25/12: Lessons From EMC: Supercharging Channel Partners
Speaker: Helene Barnekow, SVP WW Field and Channel Marketing, EMC Corporation

On Tuesday, 1/24/12, EMC announced stellar financial results. The key behind these results was their new, expanded and revamped channel programs. Helene Barnekow, EMC's SVP of WW Field and Channel Marketing, gave us the inside story at this month's Business Marketing Association event. Learn more about EMC's incredible success story by reading our blog post, "Channels Have EMC Super Charged."

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12/14/11: Selling & Marketing SaaS To The Enterprise
Speaker: Chuck Devita, Principal, Growth Process Group

The focus of our December BMA event involved the critical success factors in selling and marketing Cloud Computing applications, also called Software as a Service (SaaS) to large enterprises. With the help of Chuck DeVita, we examined customer acquisition and retention issues, best practices in sales processes and marketing programs, as well as channel issues for companies that sell SaaS solutions to enterprises. Comparisons to license models were explored, along with SaaS value propositions, SaaS sales and marketing approaches, and the role of services in a SaaS model.

Chuck's presentation drew from a six-course seminar he presents to executives and managers at Stanford University.

11/30/11: How Winning B2B Companies Achieve Profitable Growth
Speaker: Sean Geehan, CEO & Founder, The Geehan Group

At our November monthly BMA event, we heard Sean Geehan, CEO & Founder of the Geehan Group, speak about Trusted Advisory Councils, and how they can be utilized as a successful, growth-driving, marketing tool for B2B marketers. Using HCL Technologies as a case study example, Sean demonstrated the incredible impact that holding strategic meetings with key decision makers can have on your business' top line.

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10/26/11: Sorting Through The Hype: Google+ For Your Business
Speaker: Gopi Kallayil, Google+ Marketing Lead

This month, we heard from Google+ insider, Gopi Kallayil (Google+ Marketing lead), who shared his knowledge and perspective on the Google+ Project and why it has so quickly gained market traction and user adoption since its recent launch.

This presentation focused on what Google+ is and how it benefits your customersand your business. We saw a demonstration of how Google+ allows internet users to share information and connect with each other similar to how they do it in real life. We also saw how Circles, Hangouts, Mobile integration, +1, and sharing are changing the consumer social experience.

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9/28/11: Emerging and Surging: Doing Business in Emerging Markets Successfully

Panel of Speakers Listed Below

Over the past decade, Emerging Markets have contributed more than 1/3 of the world's GDP growth. This number is expected to rise to 49% by the year 2020, when BRICs will also account for 1/3 of the global economy. Despite recent global recessionary downturns, Emerging Markets are already showing early signs of a strong return, affording savvy marketers great opportunities to enter tomorrow's markets today. Based on the standard BRIC(S) model, we are pleased to offer a panel of experts who will share their thoughts and provide insights on the following:

blank Overview of Emerging Markets - Risks, Rewards, and Opportunities
blank Overview and Rationale of the BRICs Model and other Emerging Markets
blank Learnings from In-Market/Native Experts from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa

The Panel Included:
blank Joanne Vliet: SV Export Assistance Center, US Department of Commerce
blank Milton Ribeiro: VP, CTO Group, Cypress Semiconductor
blank Tatyana Kanzaveli: Marketing Manager, Center for the Edge, Deloitte & Touche
blank Chris D'Couto: PhD, MBA, President & CEO, Neah Power
blank Helen Wang: Author, The Chinese Dream
blank Lucie Newcomb: President & CEO, The NewComm Global Group, Inc.

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8/23/11: Accelerate Your Marketing Career: Mastering Leadership as You Rise
Speaker: Pam Fox Rollin, Principal and Executive Coach

Great marketers need world class leadership skills to lead cross functional teams, virtual teams, and organizations to engage with customers, guide product development, or create promotions through channel partners. However, in many companies, leadership for marketers is not "taught." It is expected to be acquired through "on the job training" and learning from successful leaders.

We joined Pam Fox Rollin, an executive coach who has guided CMOs and marketing executives at LinkedIn, Genentech/Roche, Blue Shield of CA, Schawk, and other B2B technology and health care innovators, to learn about furthering our success as B2B marketing professionals.

Reasearch from Wharton: The Three Most Important Variables In Internet Retailing
Speaker: Professor David Bell, Wharton School of Business

In the offline world retail sales are determined by "the law of retail gravity" -- stores have well defined trading areas. Internet retailers, on the other hand, have almost unlimited market potential. New research shows how social contagion, physical proximity among customers, and local preferences drive Internet retail diffusion. Location is still critical, but the location of customers in their local environment and relative to other customers. Principles and key learnings are illustrated via Whatron startups including and

5/24/11: Lessons from NetApp: Transforming Marketing to Drive Growth
Speaker: Christine Heckart, Chief Marketing Officer, NetApp

NetApp has experienced rapid growth as the industry it serves transforms to embrace shared virtual infrastructure and cloud services. NetApp's marketing organization is transforming and has embraced new marketing philosophies to support and drive the company's rapid growth, and to develop new comeptencies for global coordination and collaboration.

NetApp's CMO, Christine Heckart, will review some of the fun, painful, effective, difficult, and impactful ways they are transforming marketing and tackling new challenges. From a new visual language, to customer-centric Epic stories, to new initiatives, programs and operational models...change this fast creates problems, opportunities, stress, laughter and unintentional results both positive and negative. We learned from this market leader about their journey and the success they have created.

4/27/11: Cisco: Crossing the Chasm from Vendor to Trusted Advisor
Speaker: Karyn Scott, Program Director, Cisco CIO Summit Enterprise Marketing Segment

Four years ago, CIOs viewed Cisco as a trusted technology vendor - but not necessarily a trusted business partner. That perception has shifted dramatically, especially among CIOs from the Fortune Global 500. Marketing has played a critical role in this achievement, and Karyn Scott has been at the forefront of identifying the differences in marketing to C-suite executives and implementing marketing strategies and programs that succeed with this sough-after audience. As Cisco's Global Lead for CXO Relevancy, and the Program Director for Cisco's highly regarded annual CIO Summit and related portfolio of regional CIO events, Scott and her team have helped pioneer an audence-based apporach to intimacy events and marketing that emphasizes the customer in strategy. This approach marries the key conversations business executives want to have with Cisco, and the key messages Cisco wants to take to market, to create engaging discussions that drive deeper customer intimacy.

We joined the Business Marketing Association for this informative discussion and listened to examples of how Cisco achieved trusted advisor status and how marketing to C-level customers differs from selling technology solutions. We learned about how this approach is being successfully implemented in Cisco's smaller geographic regions with limited marketing budgets, and how we can apply Cisco's best practices to our own marketing strategy.

3/23/11: SAP: Building an Ideal Reseller Ecosystem
Speaker: Karthik Manimozhi, Executive Director, Ecosystem, SAP America

We In this transformational topic, we explore how to convert an Incremental Channel into an Expontential Channel by strategically trading ownership for access to gain market share. Based on his experience with SAP North America, Karthik shares critical insights and best practices on how to unleash the collective cognitive skills and passion of a diverse partner community without forcing them to disrupt their core DNA and their essence as a company.

SAP, committed to build on an existing vibrant Ecosystem by continuously strengthening channels and marketing, has embarked on a 1000 Incremental Partner Feet On The Street campaign selling SAP products in North America.

2/23/11: Keys to Successful Career Transitions: Observations & Experiences of an Industry Executive

Speaker: Phil Bourekas, Executive Vice President of Marketing, Symmetricom

Many of us find ourselves at the crossroads of our careers: Should we continue in the field we've been in, and attempt to leverage our specialzed domain knowledge? Or should we (and can we) look to jump to a different industry?

Phil Bourekas, currently the Executive Vice President of Marketing at Symmetricom, faced such a decision in 2009. He shared with us his thoughts on the decision process, and ultimately what he learned once he made a transition. In short, he outlined what he learned to be keys to a successful career transition with actionable tools to evaluate the appropriate decision at such a crosssroad and getting that next coveted position.